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Every Picture Tells a Story: Veteran Photographer Adds Marketing Muscle

Terry Thurston, Garth's Auctions' new photographer

Garth’s Auctioneers and Appraisers has announced the addition of veteran photographer, Terry Thurston to their staff. Thurston has been a well-known professional commercial and portrait photographer in Central Ohio for nearly 25 years and is also a familiar face as a musician and civic booster in the Hilliard area.

Thurston’s skill in creating images for Garth’s auction catalogs and brochures not only supports the value of the items, but also conveys the story of the unique items coming to market from well-loved collections and family homes.

“We are proud to add Terry’s skills to the marketing muscle we provide clients,” said Jeff Jeffers, CEO of Garth’s. “Garth’s has been known for strong and effective photography, and we look forward to that continuity with Terry.”

Terry Thurston, Garth's Auctions' photographer knows that selling starts long before auction day. His images are seen across the nation and around the world in our auction catalogs.

With buyers across town and around the world previewing items online and in print, photography plays a significant role in the value Garth’s deliver leading up to auction day. Terry’s talents already have been put to good use for Garth’s September 10th Country Americana auction and in producing our upcoming catalogs.

Prior to joining Garth’s, Thurston earned an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences at the Ohio Institute of Photography, where he majored in Commercial Photography. His experience includes a wide range of commercial and professional photography for such organizations as Huffy Corporation and Cardinal Health, as well as medical offices in Central Ohio. As owner of his own studio and photography business, Terry has travelled nationally and internationally to shoot countless professional portraits, weddings and events such as the New York City Marathon.

The father of two daughters, Terry is also a musician, formerly guitarist and vocalist, playing for the Hilliard rock band, Flannel Shark, and featured at the Old Hilliard Fest, Franklin County Fair, and Solebrate Music and Arts Festival. He is a past ambassador of the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce, and member of local chapters of Rotary the Business Network Incorporated (BNI).

With Terry, the “sky is the limit.” He was a member of the American Kite National Championship in 1997, traveling the world flying sport kites in 1996-1998 with a four person master’s class kite team named Captain Eddie’s Flying Circus.

See Terry’s work for Garth’s September 10th, Country Americana auction.

For more information, contact: Kellie Seltzer, Director of Marketing

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