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Garth’s has been a national force in the world of antiques and fine art since its founding by Garth Oberlander in the 1950s. As Ohio’s oldest premier auction house, we specialize in American, Continental & Asian furniture, fine art, folk art, decorative accessories, as well as real estate. In recent years, thanks to robust and innovative marketing efforts, Garth’s has achieved a recognizable international status and is regarded as one of the top auction firms in North America with annual sales approaching $10 million. With an audience on nearly every continent, and a database of more than 60,000 clients, Garth’s has built strong customer loyalty through attention to detail, pro-active communication, and unparalleled transparency and integrity. No matter how large or small the consignment, Garth’s staff strives to achieve the best outcome for each client. 


Garth’s Midwest location allows our firm to operate with more reasonable overhead than many of our competitors, resulting in lower commissions to clients. Additionally, buyers reap the benefits of a central location through affordable travel and shipping costs. In fact, our location in central Ohio means that we are located within 550 miles of half of the country’s population. 


With over two dozen auctions a year Garth’s promotes single pieces as well as lifetime collections for consignment at auction. The care and attention we have given to growing our market share has also been applied to developing strong relationships with top experts in nearly every field. These relationships allow us to compete with the largest auction houses on an even playing field. 


Savvy sellers understand that one of the most important factors in selecting an auction company is the firm’s ability to offer a quality selling venue – a venue that is trusted by bidders, that conducts thorough research, and is communicative and available at all times to its sellers. A successful auction company incorporates an aggressive, impactful marketing and public relations strategy, and stays focused on maximizing seller results.


Garth’s is just experienced, passionate team, dedicated to positioning our auctions to deliver clients an unparalleled advantage in today's global market. 


ALL the resources - One phone call.

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