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Hello Jeff,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to your staff for being so kind to me when I recently brought some collectibles to be auctioned by Garth’s.  Jeff Spear and everyone there was so nice to work with.  A few of my items went in the July auction and the majority of them were sold in August.  I had a chance to stop by the August auction for a couple of hours and was very pleased with what my items were being sold for.


At any rate, it was a pleasure working with Garth’s and I would like to bring more collectibles for a future auction.

Thank you, S.A.

(August 2020)

Harry H.

My wife and I recently traveled from northern Ohio to Garths to have some Bronze pieces appraised.  The group of folks we dealt with were without a doubt professional, informative and most of all so very kind and a pleasure to deal with.  From the moment I walked in the door and dealt with the lovely young lady at the reception area to the great gals and fella that took time to help me, I felt at ease with no rush or hurry.
Thanks to all of the great folks I dealt with.
Please stay safe and I'm sure I will return to do business with you all.
Regards and Cheers to all, Harry

(July 2020)

James K.

You people are FANTASTIC! The shipment arrived last evening. As usual, extremely well packed and better than the description in the auction. Your group is on the top of my list of auctioneers. THANK YOU!   

(April 2020)


I know that Bill has already written to let you know that the pickup here went well, but I wanted to add my own note of appreciation and acclaim for the hard work JW put in here. he was so polite and considerate, listening as we tried to give background on the very eclectic collection of things we had acquired. It is difficult to part with objects that had given us a lot of pleasure over the years, but it was softened by knowing so much of it is "going home"....Only time will tell how the items go at auction, but at least they aren't being discarded or going to Goodwill to meet their fate. JW was fun to have around and is certainly an asset to your company, especially in one so young. Thanks again.   

(January 2020)


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