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Ohio Finds! Fascinating Objects from our Past: Zanesville Glass Bottle

For a brief period in the 19th Century, blown glass bottles and flasks were made in large quantities by relatively unskilled glass blowers using handmade molds. Responding to the high demand created by a rapid western expansion of the United States by emigrants who brought little by way of modern convenience, industrious craftsmen utilized clay, stone and sometimes wooden molds to achieve consistent results that had previously only been produced by highly trained professionals. Nuanced marketers infused a bit of whimsy into their products, with swirled ribs, soft colors and sometimes patriotic themes.

With the industrial revolution and advancements in technology came an even more efficient production method using a pressed mold. Blown and blown molded glass bottles are very collectible - especially for colorful, interesting examples. Located on the “National Road,” Zanesville, Ohio became a leading production center for glass, and eventually pottery, of many styles. This globular-shaped bottle with wonderful swirls and a pleasing amber color was made in the Zanesville area around 1835.

15810-6 (1).jpg

It sold at auction for $615

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