To our Valued Friends and Clients,

Garth’s is happy to announce that the long-awaited relocation of our company headquarters is at hand. Through the exciting move to our downtown Columbus location, we look forward to delivering a state-of-the-art auction experience, in a historic venue, with greater accessibility to both our gallery and offices, as well as the wonderful objects we handle.


When we began the search for only the second location since 1954, we knew two things: the new facility had to evoke just a bit of the heartfelt emotion associated with the beloved Barn at Stratford, and the choice needed to help us solidify the next 60 years for both the company and our clients. Ultimately, we found the historic Municipal Light Plant, the circa 1895 brick-built, first power plant for the city of Columbus. We are thrilled to be part of both its important preservation and bright, energetic (pun intended) future.


We Moved! But, excuse our dust as our new home in the historic MLP isn’t quite finished. It’s a big project

and any of you who have lived through a construction project know how things may be delayed.

However, we cannot wait to welcome you to our new, permanent home - dust or not dust!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Phone: 740.362.4771

Email: info@garths.com

Website: garths.com

We look forward to seeing you.


Thank you for your continued interest in Garth’s.

Richard "Jeff" Jeffers

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