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Timed - Online Only

Begins January 13, 2020

Ends January 23, 2020

200+ lots of EPHEMERA  featuring

• 100 years of postcards including: Installment, Hold-to-Light, and Real Photo postcards
• Postcard themes include rodeo, cowboy, and related Western imagery
• Large variety of political postcards featuring American politics, military leaders, and
historical figures
• Advertising, souvenir, and Main Street & Storefront postcards
• Political buttons, stickers, books, and posters from McKinley and Roosevelt to JFK and
Teddy Kennedy
• A wide array of photographs, cabinet cards, daguerreotypes, CDVs, and stereoscope
slides from the 1860s to 1960s featuring stage performers, Wild West shows, early circus acts,
historical figures, American and European landmarks, and war imagery from U.S. Civil War,
Spanish American War, Boer War, and World Wars
• Beatles memorabilia
• Collectible condom tins and packaging
• Erotic photography books
• Matchbooks, matchbook cases, and silver match safes
• Letters, documents, stamps, and history books

We will be able to answer your questions until 5 pm Thursday, January 23.

Principal Auctioneer: Richard "Jeff" Jeffers
Auctioneer: Jeffrey Whittington

Search and Browse. 

By appointment only
Call 740-362-4771 to schedule.
The Municipal Light Plant, 
589 W Nationwide Blvd 
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Flat 25% buyer's premium

By registering to bid at this auction,
you agree to all terms & conditions.
Read complete Terms & Conditions. 
Timed Online Bidding ONLY

In a timed auction, you may only register and bid online using one of the following methods:



• Bidding opens Mon, January 13  at 10AM.
• On Thursday, January 23 at 6 PM, bidding will end for Lot 1.
• The scheduled end time for each lot occurs one minute after the preceding lot's scheduled end time.
• If a bid is placed within the last five minutes of a lot’s scheduled end time, the bidding time for that lot is extended by an additional five minutes from the time of the last bid.
• Extended bidding continues until two hours after the last lot's scheduled end time. 


Successful bidders will receive an emailed  invoice by the end of day on January 24.

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