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Summer Fun Zooms in at Garth’s June Eclectic Auction

On Friday, June 5th, Garth's Auctioneers & Appraisers will host its Eclectic auction featuring over 800 items including: furniture, glass, cars, guns, rugs, pottery, clocks, American Indian artifacts, autographs, postcards, lamps, advertising, and sterling silver, among additional collectibles. This one day sale begins at 9:30am and will offer items from the estates of Jack & Susan Batdorff, Suzanne & the Late Jerry Bentley, Mary & Joe Flegle, Don Horvath, James Warren McLean, Donald & Sally Parrish, Ann Sydnor, and the Lifetime Collection of the Late Jim Weaver of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with many others. For those who have a passion for hearing the vroom vroom of a classic muscle ca

Ver Bryck Landscape Top Lot at Garth's May Auction

On Friday, May 15th Garth's Auctioneers & Appraisers hosted the Early American Auction of furniture & decorative accessories including the 9th Annual Ohio Valley session. On a beautiful Ohio spring day when it’s tough to be inside, Garth’s historic barn held a packed house and the phone lines and internet were all abuzz. Bidders were willing to give up the sunshine for a chance to bid on a fine selection of Americana. Richard “Jeff” Jeffers, CEO of Garth’s noted, “Friday’s auction saw a large, interested, and attentive crowd with strong bidding on material like the Ohio pottery, in which we see interest every spring during the Ohio Valley session. There was also active bidding in many other

Coverlet & Car Maker Combination Yields Big Price

Collectors have long prized jacquard coverlets. Although they were made throughout the eastern United States during the 1820s through the 1850s, the coverlet weavers of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana were particularly prolific. Woven of bright colors, jacquard coverlets were, and remain, popular because of their complex patterns, often including trees, buildings, birds, and even trains and steamboats. One of the most popular patterns was the eagle. During Garth's May 15, 2015 auction of Early American Furniutre & Decoratve Arts, this coverlet, adorned with a central field of eagles, was offered as lot 459 and came from the collection of the late Margaret Brusher of Ann Arbor, Mich

eBay features Garth's in Spring Advertising

Online auction website, eBay, produced a single-page advertisement for inclusion in some of the top print magazines this spring. The promotion highlights the live auction capabilities that streamline the bidding blocks of its top seven Premier auction partners including Garth's. This ad (and/or slight variations of it) appeared in Architectural Digest (May 2015), Art in America (March 30, 2015) and New York Magazine (March 15, 2015). All of Garth's sales are available for live online bidding in real-time through eBay’s live auction portal, expanding the reach of Garth's sales to eBay’s 145 million active buyers around the globe. #Garths #ebay #ArchitecturalDigest #NewYorkMagazine #ArtinAmeri

Garth’s Single-Owner Sale of Native American Jewelry

Garth’s Auctioneers and Appraisers in Delaware, Ohio, auctioned an Ohio woman’s lifetime collection of American Indian jewelry on March 12. The 204-lot sale included necklaces, cuffs, rings, pendants, and belt buckles using turquoise from Battle Mountain (Nevada), coral, mother-of-pearl, jet, malachite, and abalone. Jewelry made by Native American artists Loren Thomas Begay, Albert and Dolly Banteah, Carol Kee, Raymond Quam, Wayne Silvers, Andy Lee Kirk, and others was on the block. Amelia Jeffers, president of Garth’s, said in a presale press release, “While American Indian jewelry frequently comes to market with some degree of regularity, you don’t often see a lifetime collection that has

Ohio Finds! Fascinating Objects from our Past: Zanesville Glass Bottle

For a brief period in the 19th Century, blown glass bottles and flasks were made in large quantities by relatively unskilled glass blowers using handmade molds. Responding to the high demand created by a rapid western expansion of the United States by emigrants who brought little by way of modern convenience, industrious craftsmen utilized clay, stone and sometimes wooden molds to achieve consistent results that had previously only been produced by highly trained professionals. Nuanced marketers infused a bit of whimsy into their products, with swirled ribs, soft colors and sometimes patriotic themes. With the industrial revolution and advancements in technology came an even more efficient p

Curating a Lifestyle: Wanderlust Fulfilled

Few images so capture the spirit of wanderlust, that insatiable passion for travel and adventure, than a ship on the open sea. From the moment the first oceanic explorers conquered the waves and set sail for new, exotic lands, humanity’s fascination with ships and the wondrous expeditions they represent was set. For some, a daily reminder of the endless possibilities of voyages taken, and those yet to come, surfaces in the form of nautical antiques. A popular subject for artists, paintings of water, ships and harbors generally appeal to a wide audience and command very good prices at auction and in galleries. Grand 19th Century oils on canvas offer historic touches to traditional decor, whil

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